About us

9% love, 17% beauty, 13% fashion, 5% madness, 17% power, 8% goal in the last minute, 6% adrenaline, 25% heart and soul service – Add them all & that's your 100% Divoom.

The very idea of Divoom was derived by a bunch of soulful minds with a mutual love for music and passion for fine audio

To achieve acoustic perfection, the brand religiously fine-tuned their speakers to suit the taste of every music enthusiast.

Divoom's goal is to develop the innovative audio products, which excel in aesthetic design and audio performance.

DIVOOM – The Place Where Artistry Meets Engineering


One of the world's most reputable speaker brands, Divoom's journey started 10 years ago. And, throughout its existence, the brand has put great efforts in achieving audio perfection by providing the most innovating and refined audio products to music lovers across the globe.

Over the years, Divoom has established its distinct identity in the field of audio products, with its speakers being sold across 40 different nations.