Coolest Sexiest Bluetooth Speakers


In the electronic market, where creativity has become boundless, the amount of uniqueness perceived in any product is plentiful. When users themselves are willing to pay any price for their yearnings, brands and businesses leave no stone unturned in cashing out the maximum from this desperation. Here's a fresh look at the sexiest and most fascinating Portable Bluetooth-enabled Speakers available for purchase at present.

1. Ultimate Ears UE ROLL 2 Bluetooth Speaker

- The highly portable and shockproof wireless  Bluetooth speaker - UE Roll 2 is one of the most eye-catching pieces in the market.
- Designed with IPX7-rated waterproof outfit, this speaker touts a remarkable connectivity range of over 30 meters.
- The outlook and design of UE Roll 2 are equally balanced on the scale of aesthetics and utility. The provision of a marine grade, inbuilt cord makes it easier for riders and adventurers to hang the speakers on their bikes or gears. 
- In terms of playback time, UE Roll 2 runs a marathon for straight 9 hours, before needing a refill. The brand has even developed and launched an app, exclusively for this model, on Android & Apple Store Market.
- This app gives you the additional benefit of tuning the speaker's audio through a 5-band EQ control.
- An extremely useful accessory of Inflatable Flotation Device also arrives with this model. Hence, ensuring that the party never stops, be it a beach-side or your very own bath tub. At a price of around Rs. 8400, UE Roll 2 is certainly a value-for-money product.

2. i-box Twist

- With the initial glimpses, the i-box Twist would seem like a gadget fallen out from the spaceship of the extraterrestrial creatures who keep visiting our terrain randomly. But no, it isn't any alien devices; just a really cool looking portable Bluetooth wireless speaker.
- With a connectivity range of over 10 meters, i-box Twist offers a peak output of 6 watts, which is decent enough to have a personalized music experience on the loop.
- The body of this model is made up of hard shell and can easily resist breakage after a fall from a substantial height.
- The battery and USB powered i-box Twist has a maximum battery life of up to 6 hrs, after wich it needs to be juiced up again.
- Like any other conventionally designed Bluetooth portable speaker, i-box Twist also comes with its own inbuilt and external controllers.
- In a bid to not to lag behind from its competitors, the company has developed and launched an app for controlling the i-box Twist. This app is available for Windows, Android & iOS platforms.
- Bearing a price tag of under Rs. 9000, i-box Twist seems to be a good buying option but do not hurry as much more exciting speaker models are lined up for you.

3. The Jawbone Mini Jambox

- Featuring an uber cool honeycomb design in a zigzag mesh, The Jawbone Mini Jambox looks extremely tempting to possess.
- Its 10 Watt peak audio output can let you create a partying atmosphere anywhere with your friends. The model makes up for a crystal clear and undistorted sound even at high volumes.
- Easy to fit even in the pockets, the speaker features a sturdier design and body shell, which has been carved out from a single sheet of Aluminum.
- The USP for  Jawbone Mini Jambox is undoubtedly its long lasting battery power, which doesn't need refilling before 10-11 hrs of continuous playback and streaming.
- Similar to all other other Bluetooth-enabled speakers available in the market,  Jawbone Mini Jambox also has its very own Android & iOS for control and configuration purposes.
- The Jawbone Mini Jambox is available at a cost of Rs.. 6700 in the market. Though this model seems to be a decent buy, it's still in a process of getting exposed properly among various users.

4. DIVOOM AuraBox

- Calling it a “Gadget Beyond Imagination” DIVOOM somehow suffices to the mastery and skills involved behind designing and developing their model – AURABOX. It's most certainly the peppiest and coolest Portable Bluetooth Wireless Speaker currently available in the market.
- With an outlook almost similar to a Rubik's Cube, the square-shaped gadget DIVOOM AuraBox offers unparalleled features and utility in one small shell.
- A portable Bluetooth speaker, trendy lamp, a tuneful alarm clock and an onscreen notifier—these are just a handful of utilitarian products this model can manifest with only a flick of the switch.
- A connectivity range of 10+ meters with moderate power output of 5 Watts can turn any evening into a partying night. The innovative pixel screen makes the atmosphere more lively while streaming music in a dark or dimly-lit room.
- The 2000mAh battery can power the gadget continuously for over 8 hours while playing music. And only 3 hrs of time is sufficient to refill the battery pack at full percentage.
- The additional smartphone application provided along with DIVOOM AuraBox is both, Android & iOS compatible. Though the speaker has inbuilt visual effects and design modes to be shown as dancing pixels, one can also change these shapes to whatsoever they want, through the mobile app.    
- At an affordable range of approx Rs. 3990, DIVOOM AuraBox becomes the best and most affordable buy for music lovers around the world, who also seek extravagant designs in their portable speakers.

5. Outdoor Tech Big Turtle Shell

- The Outdoor Tech Big Turtle Shell is literally a masterpiece in terms of creativity and artistry. The mind behind designing this Bluetooth-enabled portable speaker definitely needs a standing ovation. And not just partly due to its fancy aesthetics, but the ruggedly bold outlook it inherits.
- Despite the enormous turtle shell outlook, it weighs less than 850 grams (which frankly speaking is a lot for a portable gadget, but the Outdoor Tech Big Turtle Shell can be an exception).
- With a wireless range of up to 10 meters and peak audio output of over 12 Watts, the Outdoor Tech Big Turtle Shell becomes a happening party piece to flaunt around. And, its not all about power, but this model is IPX-5 rated water-resistant.
- Its massive 7800 mA battery power can give you a crystal clear sound experience for a continuous stretch of over 16 hours (with over 320 hours of standby time).  
- The model has an inbuilt microphone and NFC for easy pairing and accessibility. The twin grab handles are a special delight for users who want to use the speaker while hanging it at the end of their backpack or cycle.
- However, a price range of almost Rs. 27000 limits users from buying it. There are a number of trendier and awesome looking Bluetooth speakers available for sale at much cheaper prices. It's better to go for a product like DIVOOM AuraBox and save big bucks on your purchase.