Bluetune Bean Bag

Bluetune Bean – Stunning Music Gem

Hang it on your backpack or your room wall, this tiny speaker is enough to rejuvenate your soul with your favorite songs. Keep it in your pocket or through it in your sling bag, it doesn't occupy space more than a table tennis ball. It's like a magic bean which dissolves music in the air in just a touch. Roam across the world, you won't find a portable speaker like this like it has lovely voice, great battery life and amazing connectivity. Lets talk in deep for its stunning specification and features.

Selfie Remote Shutter: Now take more fantastic selfies with this fabulous tiny device even with the distance of 30 feet. You can't find remote shutter button in other brands within this price range. This feature works amazing by connecting your phone to this device.

Stunning Compact Design: Compact design is the specialty of this device as you can take it anywhere along with you as this speaker doesn't need much space to be your partner for your picnic or journey. Its metal carabiner design allows you to hang it anywhere you want. Each unit comes with a carabiner for hooking it on backpack or somewhere on your room wall.

Choice of color: This speaker is available in four different color combinations like Blue, Black, White and Red. So match your favorite color and listen your favorite songs over this.

Amazing backup: Well 6 hours of battery backup is enough for this cute little device. So you don't need to charge it up again and again. Listen music break-free and hum with your best in list soundtracks.

Non interrupting connectivity: Stay at 30 ft away from this gadget and connect it through your smartphone or tab through Bluetooth and enjoy the non stop entertainment with this tiny speaker.

Connect your calls: Above features are not enough as this turtle has speakerphone feature also and you can speak up with your friends in group without holding your phone over your ears.