Understand Your Bluetooth Speaker

The whats & whys of a bluetooth speaker

Bluetooth Speakers are among the coolest gadgets found in possession of our next-gen peeps. These handy and utilitarian devices have taken over the market in such an abundance that often it's really difficult to differentiate among their various models. But, since almost everyone feels the craving to own one at some point, there needs to be some kind of awareness about what Bluetooth Speaker exactly are and how do they differ in usage.

Even if there's no possibility of a unanimous opinion, some criteria can at least be derived for users to choose among the many Bluetooth Speaker options, as per their precise requirements and utility. So, let's together try and clear some air over this muddling topic.

Understanding A Bluetooth Speaker

The speakers we've come across mostly, need a cable linkage to function properly. However, the Bluetooth-enabled speakers don't need any wire or connection, but simply operate by pairing up with any device, which features the similar technology. These speakers have a modus-operandi corresponding to the Bluetooth mobile earpieces, and inbuilt car Bluetooth systems.

Hence, in a nutshell the Bluetooth Speakers are audio output devices, which solely depend on Bluetooth compatibility for working. Then come the multiple parameters and variables, which make one model different from another.

Why should you buy one?

The initial and instant response to this query would be, “To Be Part Of The Social Trend”. Though after settling down, you may come out with much better & logical reasons:

- Despite being the “In Thing”, Bluetooth Speakers have utility only for a specific genre of society. In case you wish to simplify the entire experience of listening music, and don't want to keep untangling your age-old earphones, then you must go ahead with the purchase

- People who like streaming music online, and seek a much more convenient method of hearing their favourite tunes while being away from their laptops or stereo systems — 'A compact Bluetooth Speaker is just what the doctor prescribed'

- If you're a wandering soul and constantly find yourself amidst long  excursions or frequent backpacking trips, the Bluetooth-enabled speakers can be your ideal travel partner

- If you're one of those people who like to go footloose on any random occasion and feel the dire need to party with your buddies, just go & grab these accessories

- And lastly, if you're thinking of revamping your house or room with posh interiors & uncluttered settings, a set of portable speakers is definitely going to suit your needs and taste

How Are They Better Than Wi-Fi Speakers?

The Bluetooth Speakers indeed offer more utility and comfort than the usual Wi-Fi Speakers.

- Due to their compact size, Bluetooth Speakers can be taken anywhere or kept in any smaller area. Whereas, Wi-Fi Speakers are more like the whole-house solutions being fixed for a longer duration

- No such intermediary is required while streaming music through Bluetooth-enabled devices, which share direct compatibility with their source. On the other hand, Wi-Fi Speakers need suitable bridging of the network with the device & source

- Since Wi-Fi tends to be a whole-house resource, it works across a broader range. Hence, the Wi-Fi enabled speakers within a confined area ultimately start streaming the same audio. However, this issue doesn't arise with Bluetooth Speaker which have a default range of around 30-35 feet

- Also, Bluetooth-enabled speakers have been found to deliver a much more clearer and fine quality audio output, as compared to the Wi-Fi Speakers. Such a difference exists because of the transmission nature involved in both types of speakers

What attributes do I need as standard in my Bluetooth Speakers

The Bluetooth Speakers have a price range starting from just under Rs. 1000, and reaching beyond Rs. 2 Lacs (for certain branded models). But then, you need to look at your budget, and decide what your pockets can easily hold.

No matter what the cost is, your speakers must have some standard features to ensure some level of reliability and longevity:

- Go for the Bluetooth Speakers, which are provided with Water-Resistant, Dust-Resistant & Scratch-Resistant body

- Try for the speakers, which have a decent amount of playback time in full charge and include a hassle free charging provision

- Choose the speakers lighter and portable enough to be carried around in your hands or pockets
Opt for the one with a decent range (probably more than 30 feet or so)

- Make sure the Bluetooth Speakers you've purchased are equipped with a carry bag/pouch and feature a considerable warranty period. Also, look out for the already established or known brands of the market, so that there's no trouble in case of any after-sales service