A lamp which speaks in soulful tunes

The key to a good night's sleep is a mind bereft of all senses, thoughts and conflicts. And quite often, even after flushing out the abrupt consciousness, there still lingers an unsettling void inside, trying to keep you at bay from absolute mental contentment.

I myself confront such unprecedented & wayward moments time-and-again, wherein it's really hard to determine the cure for a recurring sense of wakefulness.

As delightful it may seem during the initial phases (because you probably are left with some extra time to ponder over other existential dilemmas of life), insomnia isn't particularly the best face to wear as a habit. It takes a toll on you, wears you out and leaves your health in utter distraught. Almost like a junkie stepping into delirium because he's not getting his daily fix.

Now, all this turns out to be quite a trouble for someone engaged in a professional routine. For him/her, the most difficult aspect would be somehow waking up in the morning and getting ready to head for the brisk morning's workday. For such people, who can't be even bothered by endless echoes from their alarm, there's a new gadget in the market. It's unique and its quite fancier than anything available at present in the electronic market. Meet DIVOOM AuraBulb - A LAMP WHICH SPEAKS IN SOULFUL TUNES.

This device can be helpful to you in following ways

  1. The Bluetooth Speaker – It will bind you in a routine with its ultra melodic sound, which works perfect for lullabie

  1. The Night Lamp: Will definitely help in soothing your mind with its Ambient Lighting Feature and mellow audio output

  1. The Wake-Up Notifier: It'll be your personal customisable alarm to wake you up in the morning like your very own little flocking bird with its chirping sounds

  1. Mood Setter: When you feel lonely or wish to party, this baby will be there to turn the atmosphere revelling and boisterous with its high tech, crystal clear music streaming audio quality

  1. And lastly, if you're thinking of revamping your house or room with posh interiors & uncluttered settings, a set of portable speakers is definitely going to suit your needs and taste