AuraBulb Light Bulb BT Speaker

A music bulb with different colorful moods

You can subscribe to so much fun and entertainment by purchasing this musical bulb. Keep it on your side table of your bed and listen your favorite soundtracks while reading a book or working over your laptop. Use it as a candle while having dinner with your loved one. It won't let you bore while making your favorite dish in your kitchen. This can't be define in limited words that in how many ways we can use it. Let's have a look on its brilliant features.

Chirping Speaker: The bulb is equipped with a little but powerful 2”5-watts speaker and that is finely tuned by the expert engineers of Divoom. You experience perfect acoustic sound waves through these speakers.

Easy to play & shuffle: Divoom have worked really well on the proprietary application that is compatible with Android version 4.3 or up and iOS 7.0 or up. It is really easy to connect your smartphone with this bulb and play soundtracks, you love most.

Modern & Funky Design: Use it as a showpiece or listen music over this, this gadget is uniquely stunning and beautiful in design. A guest won't miss its presence in your room and will definitely praise it.

A Glow Worm in the shape of Bulb: Expect millions of colors and adjust them according to your mood. Yes, this is like a magical bulb that plays music for you and and also entertain you with its dancing light charm.

Make it your speakerphone: Connect it with your phone and pick up the calls from your friends or loved ones. Built-in microphone captures your voice easily even from 15-20 feet of distance.

What are you waiting for? Organize a party at your house or make a small gathering and experience the thrilling & crisp music experience with the help of a passive radiator from this AuraBulb speaker.