T8 ways to transform from sleepyhead

8 Ways To Get Transformed From A Slouching Cod To A Proactive Soul

A good night's sleep is a must indulgent activity for every individual around. But, quite often, it becomes hard to keep the mind bereft of all senses, thoughts and conflicts while sleeping. Almost everyone confronts such tough times in life, be it during the school exam fever or the grown up professional life.

Insomnia or sleeplessness isn't quite a healthy habit to indulge in. You may think that you're going to have some extra time of waking up and focussing on certain untouched topics in your life. Or probably just finish that one last episode of your currently favourite TV-series. But then, soon you find yourself turning drowsy and dreary during the daytime. And, eventually you aren't able to focus fully on the work you were actually supposed to do.

There are certain ways to reduce the habit of extreme sleepiness at odd hours. After all, it doesn't make a really good impression in your office, among your colleagues, if you're always found with your head down on your desk. So let's take a look at these methods, some of which may seem highly unconventional but are actually effective in the longer run.

- Reforming Your Sleeping Mode: The biggest reason for anyone to look or feel lethargic during daytime is the inability to sleep peacefully at night. So, better start reforming your nap-time habits one by one.

- Cleansing Your Mind & Soul: Don't indulge in excessive brainstorming sessions, be it during work or free time. Keep yourself as much relaxed as possible. Do loud & heavy breathing practice to calm your senses & loosen up your nerves.

- Listening To Light Music: Play lighter and mellow tunes rather than loud and screeching music. Get a gadget for yourself, something like the DIVOOM Portable Bluetooth wireless speaker DIVOOM AuraBulb, with high quality sound & effective audio output. (http://bit.ly/2iD0UEo)

- Take Less Caffeine & More of Herbal Tea: Caffeine can really create an obstruction in your nap times. Try not to focus on it heavily, even during the daytime. Shift your tendency towards Green tea with Chamomile and other natural herbs.

Fix Your Diet & Follow It Too: You shouldn't rely too much on junk food or snacks with excess carbs. Follow a blend of greener and heartier diet by including lentils, curd, crunchy veggies, high protein meat, milk and cereals in your meal. Also, strictly refrain from deep-fried stuff.

- Sleep In A Soothing Atmosphere: Don't surround yourself with bright light or any unnecessary distraction in bedroom while sleeping. Create a dimly-lit environment, & maybe play a calming soundtrack as the night's lullaby. Again, DIVOOM Aurabulb, with its multi-utilitarian features as speaker, alarm and night bulb is the ideal support for you.

- Follow Lighter Exercise Routines: Try to follow a quick 5-min Yoga session at night, post dinner. You can also enjoy a brief walk around your house for a while. But, kindly refrain from any heavy workout or exerting activity. Meditate if you wish to.

- Seek Help From OTC: Don't be scared! We're not talking about any heavy medical treatment or getting you fixed through a shrink. OTCs (Over-The-Counter pills) are basically antihistamines, which can be prescribed by medical experts and doctors to certain patients suffering from insomnia. Make up a mind if you wish to seek the same and then obviously, consult an advisor as the next logical step.