Tips while purchasing portable speakers

Remember these tips while purchasing portable speakers

Whenever you go to the market or visit some online shopping site, then you should remember below factors so that you can make your choice best with best price available in the market.

  • Enough Juice to Play your Tunes: This is the first and primary thing we should check about portable speakers that they have enough backup or not to hold your mood or party. Less battery backup portable speakers are not worth to buy as probably you won't find a charger on some picnic place or hill station.

  • Built quality is good to handle scratches and shocks: Always read and inquire about the built quality of the portable speakers as they will caught scratches and “fall downs” under some specific using conditions. So make sure that they have the quality to handle those rough conditions.

  • Sound output as per your requirement: Always think about the loudness and what kind of sound output you want like you want those speakers for your room use only or you want to play music in open environment conditions. A loud sound is recommendable for the music listeners who want to take these speakers along with them on some hill station or want to listen music in their lawn. A soft and stereo sound is recommended for the room listeners.


  • Size of the speaker: Choice depends on what kind of music genre you like. If you are rock listener then go for stereo speaker with high bass & treble. Soft music listener needs crystal clear sound so that they can lost their soul in their favorite soundtrack.

  • Kinds of connectivity they have: First think that what kind of connectivity you prefer while playing your favorite playlist. I you are good with AUX connectivity then you should not spend much amount for hybrid portable speakers. But on the other hand you want to stay free from wire connectivity, then you should prefer NFC or DIVOOM Portable speaker for non stop entertainment.

  • Weather & Dust-Proof: This thing also depends on your requirement. If you are music enthusiast and want to listen music even during your shower or rain, then weather & dust-proof device is recommendable for those listeners. But for the indoor listeners like someone is listening music in his room or balcony, then a normal portable speaker can also fulfill your desire with less amount of money.

  • Proper Research: Proper research is highly recommendable to match configuration of that particular product by browsing different websites.