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Best bluetooth speakers for adventure biking

Cycling is one of the best sports in the world. it has the power to boost your adrenaline and give you an utmost sense of enthrallment in just few minutes. if you are someone who loves to ride bikes and  always seem excited for going on adventures with your bike, this is the right place you've landed on.  cycling on mountain trails, with scenic beauty all around you, there has to be some music that can enhance your whole experience to a new level. you need to have something with you that can accompany you all the way long while you're riding on mountains. 

Jan 08,2018 0
Best hi-fi bluetooth speakers money can buy

“high-fidelity” and “bluetooth” is a rare combination to get in a speaker but the same can prove to be one of the most amazing pairings. while the bluetooth frees you from the confines of wires, high-fidelity enables you to stream high quality music. hi-fi bluetooth speakers let you stream lossless audio wirelessly. using a variety of genres in lossless format through tidal hi-fi, we tested different speakers, keeping in mind a few points like portability, aptx enabled etc. 

Jan 08,2018 0
The ideal tracks to check your divoom onbeat 500 sound quality

Have you recently purchased the latest sound blaster onbeat divoom  the onbeat 500 and wish to check how finely this baby plays the melodies? as you may have figured out before purchasing  divoom onbeat 500, this portable bluetooth wireless speaker packs an active subwoofer, which blends with the integrated full-range passive radiator to deliver outstanding sound quality & kickass bass punch.

Dec 21,2017 0
Divoom onbeat 500 – high quality 2.1 wireless speakers

Product specifications: speakers w/ heavy 20 watts audio output & crystal clear surround sound fine tuned by divoom engineers, deliver an impeccable music listening experience powerful sound from hi tech 2.1 design featuring passive radiator & 1 active sub-woofer superior heart pumping bass & cracking sound under all circumstances  rugged and portable speakers w/ elegantly designed speaker chassis  superior built quality featuring solid metallic grill at front & durable plastic casing built-in powerful mic for an easy hands-free calling experience (receive & dial)   bluetooth connectivity w/ nfc technology for delivering the best connectivity  high capacity 5000 mah battery ensuring longer music streaming & play time (up to 9+ hrs)

Dec 21,2017 0
The best party organizer is finally in town—divoom onbeat 500

Call your besties or group friends at your place or any public hot-spot and begin your very own party with the remarkable bluetooth portable speaker – divoom onbeat 500. live everyday to the fullest by grooving and hip-hopping with the cracking sound quality of this gem-like bluetooth speaker. be it a classic mj track or one of them new beyonce compositions, the divoom onbeat 500 ensures the utmost sensation of being out and alive. 

Dec 21,2017 0