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Best bluetooth speakers to gift to your dear ones

The art of gifting is a reflection of the love and affection between two people. with the technological developments in every arena, wireless bluetooth speakers have become one of the hottest gifts to give this season. whether you're going on a hike, hitting the beach or just lounging around the house, it is always a good time to listen to your favorite tunes or to your new favorite podcast. so, we've got your back to find the best bluetooth speakers to gift this season, let's take a look at some of them - 

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Best bluetooth speakers to enjoy hanging on your shower

Singing while taking a shower is something that each one of us has done once in our life, some of you must be regularly doing it. what can be more happening  for us than listening to our favorite music when taking a shower. that would obviously become a motivation for a lot of us to take shower twice a day. but as we all know taking our very expensive music system is just not the right thing, so here's a list of all the compact bluetooth speakers that offer portability, and a next level audio performance same as that of your music system,may be better than that. lets check some of the best bluetooth speakers for shower that we have for you in store: 

Jan 08,2018 0
An innovative selfie capturing portable bluetooth speaker by divoom

Smartphones at present have transformed into an all-inclusive device, which combines the power to communicate with the ability to capture amazing photos. and not just that, you always get the option of plugging in your headset to hear your favorite track through the mobile. however, the practicality of a phone remains limited when you wish to indulge in a partying session with your friends or seek entertainment by watching a good drama movie with them, on your mobile screen. since phones do not account for a good quality audio speaker, the sound starts to distort at high volumes, and this becomes quite a major drawback of the device in certain scenarios. 

Dec 22,2017 0
Divoom bluetune bean – fabulous little music gem

Summary: speakers w/ bluetooth connectivity & special remote selfie shutter 6w audio output w/ high quality sound portable & easy-to-handle design with 107 gm weight  multi utility speaker w/ added metal carabiner for easy hanging & hooking built-in microphone for receiving & dialling calls easily  bluetooth connectivity range of up to 33 feet (10 meter)  superior pure acoustic sound experience from 2.0 design  500 mah battery featuring 6+ hours of non-stop music playback  

Dec 22,2017 0
The best speaker to hang on your bicycle: bluetune bean

Passionate music lovers always try to find ways to instill each moments of their lives with their favorite melodies. no matter what they indulge in or get busy with, these people wish for their most cherished playlist to keep humming in their ears. be it studies, leisure time or an adventurous stint, music is the only companion they prefer to seek. one such activity, which turns more exciting and absorbing through music, is cycling.  while many people take cycling as a hobby or interest, others seem to make it their profession. but, no matter what the thought behind the activity is, pairing it with music definitely pumps up the fun quotient. now, one can switch to good quality headphones for experiencing a similar joy, but then loosely hanging wires may cause some kind of trouble while peddling. perhaps, you may be thinking of some countermeasure to overcome this issue. but don't you worry because we have brought along the best solution there can be for this trouble. 

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