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Dec 21, 2017, 02:35AM IST


  • Speakers W/ Android & iOS Compatible Mobile Proprietary App
  • 5W Audio Output W/ Extra Base Punch
  • Portable & Easy-to-handle body weighing under 150g 
  • Multi Utility Speaker, Night Lamp, Temperature Sensor, Digital Palette, Alarm & Microphone
  • Easy Hands-free Calling (Receive & Dial) 
  • Up to 10m Bluetooth Connectivity Range
  • Advanced Notification System W/ Ambient Lighting
  • Proprietary Mobile App Compatible W/ Android (4.3 & up) and iOS (7.0 & above)
  • Full Range LEDs (RGB) W/ 100K Light Mode & Colour Scheme
  • 2000mAh Battery Life W/ 7+ Hr Music Streaming 

The Market AURABOX is meant for:

I. As the market is getting inundated by cool gadgets offerings, every music aficionado seeks to have the best device in his/her pocket to flaunt it among their friends. . 

II. Brands at this point are focussing more on the aesthetics part of a gadget rather than the performance. Hence, in the longer run, users aren't seeming completely satisfied with their purchases.  

III. In the present market scenario, DIVOOM with its new model AURABOX aims at assuring the customers that even now they can spend their precious bucks and get the best quality in return. 

The Beauty of AURABOX:

  • The American manufacturer DIVOOM, popular worldwide for its Portable Bluetooth Speakers  has yet gain shown through AURABOX that innovation knows no bounds.  
  • Designed like a Rubik's Cube, the AuraBox looks nothing less than the perfect show piece to redefine the entire setting of your room's interior.  
  • Apart from being a Portable Wireless Bluetooth speaker, AuraBox works efficiently as a Thermometer, Alarm Clock, Digital Palette & Speakerphone. 
  • The highly interactive design is further complimented by the feature of Notifications, which allows users to stay connected with people in their social network.
  • And when it comes to performance, the 10 Watt Audio Output of Divoom AuraBox can set the night on fire with its crystal clear sound and extra bass punch. 

Connectivity & Performance: 

  • The portable Bluetooth speaker from DIVOOM shares compatibility with devices featuring Bluetooth functionality. The connectivity range is up to 33 feet (up to 10 meter). 
  • The highly effective and long lasting 2000mAh battery of AuraBox allows you to stream music continuously for over 7 hours. 
  • After all its juice is drained, the DIVOOM AuraBox can be charged to a full 100% in under 3 hours. 
  • There's also a built-in microphone for users to always be in touch with their loved ones. Options of receiving and dialling calls are also present. 

The Extravagant Features:

  • To start with, DIVOOM AuraBox comes exclusively with its proprietary mobile application, which is compatible with Android (4.3 & up) and iOS (7.0 & above). 
  • Users can control all the functionality of this Portable Bluetooth Speaker through its app. In addition, one can create their own drawings or play a game of Pictionary by changing the LED settings on the Digital palette, via the mobile app.  
  • The built-in Music Equalizer comes to life when the room setting is dark and the ongoing party is at full mode. You get to choose from the options of Dancing Rhythm, Spinning Rainbow, Broadway Lighting or Starry Night as various Equalizer themes.

To Buy Or Not To Buy:

People who look to revolutionise the entire idea of entertainment, must go for the DIVOOM AuraBox. Calling it the world's finest LED Smart Speaker, DIVOOM certainly has certainly uplifted the standard of Portable Bluetooth music gadgets in the market. At a nominal price, the DIVOOM AuraBox packs so many goodies in its catalogue that one can never even imagine of getting bored from exploring it. 


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