The Ideal Tracks To Check Your DIVOOM ONBEAT 500 Sound Quality

Dec 21, 2017, 03:37AM IST

Have you recently purchased the latest sound blaster Onbeat DIVOOM  the Onbeat 500 and wish to check how finely this baby plays the melodies? As you may have figured out before purchasing  DIVOOM Onbeat 500, this portable Bluetooth wireless speaker packs an active subwoofer, which blends with the integrated full-range passive radiator to deliver outstanding sound quality & kickass bass punch.

Yet the newly kindled excitement, of checking your new gadget after its purchase, is a must to be settled first. The masterpiece product from DIVOOM is suitable for all kinds of music experiences, be it a heart-thumping bass or a melancholic tune. For you, we try to shortlist the 5 best soundtracks from different music genres, which will familiarize you with the immense capabilities of DIVOOM Onbeat 500. So here are the ideal tracks to check the sound quality of your new portable Bluetooth speaker from DIVOOM. 

  • STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN by Led Zeppelin 

This soundtrack can give you goosebumps even while you listen to it in repeat. With the DIVOOM Onbeat 500 though, its unique fusion of Acoustic & Electric sounds come out real alive. 

  • ECHOES by Pink Floyd

A medley of instrumental passages, resonant sound, choral hums and high-pitched electronic screams, this song from Pink Floyd will let you explore all the technical brilliance, which imbibes in your DIVOOM Portable Bluetooth wireless speaker.


  • BREAK ON THROUGH by The Doors

Jim Morrison singing Break On Through amidst the drum grooves and quirky keyboard solos will give you an idea of the crystal clear sound this amazing DIVOOM Speaker model can deliver. 


One of the  greatest compositions ever by Grunge band Nirvana, the soundtrack “Polly” is the ideal symphony attributing the progressive rock generation. Sung entirely by Kurt Cobain in the E-minor chord, Polly gives you an idea of Onbeat 500 ability to stream tracks in a complete undistorted way.


Following the classic Waltz Time Signature rhythm, The Caribbean Blue from Irish Singer Enya is a real soulful experience when heard through the DIVOOM ONBEAT 500 Bluetooth speaker. 


DIVOOM Onbeat 500 – High Quality 2.1 Wireless Speakers

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PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS:Speakers W/ Heavy 20 Watts Audio Output & Crystal Clear Surround SoundFine Tuned By Divoom Engineers, Deliver An Impeccable Music Listening ExperiencePowerful Sound From Hi Tech 2.1 Design Featuring Passive Radiator & 1 Active Sub-WooferSuperior Heart Pumping Bass & Cracking Sound Under All Circumstances Rugged and Portable Speakers W/ Elegantly Designed Speaker Chassis Superior Built Quality Featuring Solid Metallic Grill At Front & Durable Plastic CasingBuilt-in Powerful Mic For An Easy Hands-free Calling Experience (Receive & Dial)  Bluetooth Connectivity W/ NFC Technology For Delivering The Best Connectivity High Capacity 5000 mAH Battery Ensuring Longer Music Streaming & Play Time (up to 9+ hrs)

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The Best Party Organizer Is Finally In Town—DIVOOM Onbeat 500

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Call your besties or group friends at your place or any public hot-spot and begin your very own party with the remarkable Bluetooth portable speaker – DIVOOM Onbeat 500. Live everyday to the fullest by grooving and hip-hopping with the cracking sound quality of this gem-like Bluetooth speaker. Be it a classic MJ track or one of them new Beyonce compositions, the DIVOOM Onbeat 500 ensures the utmost sensation of being out and alive. 

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